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Avgvst (TSM 0004)


Avgvst (TSM 0004)

Avgvst is an independent postwave project.Obsessed by whirlwinds of reverb and chorus, Avgvst has spent the past 12 years navigating from instrumental ambient-rock to the borders of synth-pop and shoegaze. Their last releases, “Onlooker” and “Heat of the Moment EP”, mix distorted guitars, ghostly voices, industrial waves, dancey beats, sex, cancer and socialism.

Selected Track: FFwd (TSM Remix)

Profiles: Bandcamp, Facebook, Soundcloud

Promise (TSM 0004)


Promise - Adoration

Female singer Alice, much used to folk and psyched singing, and fashion journalist in Paris, became the puppet of the project by obeying to the composer’s directives. Foundator of Cranes Records in 2012, composer Denis is maturing this project since 2003, and finally found a revelation in his singer. Somewhere between Madonna and gothic music of Christian Death, they realized a glam shoegaze of love and sacred music. Composing by distance (they are geographically seperated), so as their collaboration became distant, cold. Taking their time to release a record, they are managing to perform shows in france by the begining of summer.

Selected Track: Adoration

Antoni Maiovvi


Antoni Maiovvi is the disco nom-de-plume of prolific experimental artist and horror soundtrack composer Anton Maiof. Taking cues from Italo, Disco, Krautrock and Detroit Techno his sound is deeply cinematic yet dancefloor ready. He is the co-owner of Giallo Disco Records with Vercetti Technicolor.

Selected Track: Four Horses

Profiles: Soundcloud, Facebook, Site

Opale (TSM 0004)



Made up of Rocio Ortiz and Sophia Hamadi, (who previously released an EP as Playground, with the collaboration of Brian Pyle from Ensemble Economique) paris-based duo “Opale” composes synthetic melodies full of glowing coldness.
Their first track, “Les Champs Magnétiques” (Magnetic Fields), encourages reverie and draws you towards a cold and determined epic through an industrial, but dreamlike world.

Debut LP out in May 2013 limited to 300 vinyls

Selected track: Les Champs Magnetiques (Luminous Version)

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Stellar Kinematics: 
Heia Sun:

Local Distorsion (TSM 0004)

Local Distorsion is a illusory collective concept created in 2012 and based in France. It uses different group names and tones to express itself more freely and create different atmospheres from cold/minimal wave, synth pop to electronic experimentation. Behind this “hocus pocus”, there is a French duo, inspired by the surrealism, metaphysics and nihilism literature, fan of the 80’s DIY scene, the psych, punk, kraut rock, avant-garde electronic, mutant and odd sounds, Cyril (vocal, electronics) and Caroline (vocal).

Selected Track: La Fantasmagorie
Profiles: Soundcloud, Facebook


foto mynationshit

Mynationshit emerges as a musical project in 2007. It consists of one component to develop his musical interests through the use of synthesizers and drum machines. Mynationshit produces an electronic sound that manages to recreate the dark environments with highly emotive melodies.

Selected Track: Greedy Brick

Profiles: Soundcloud, Bandcamp


Video Look is a Stockholm based syntwave duo formed in 2012. Though they both have been producing under different projects for the past 20 years. A Video Look song contains naive swedish lyrics over a classic synthesizer sound and super fast drum machines. The name Video Look is taken from a now defunct strip club in Gothenburg, Sweden from where the both members origin. For 2013 they have a bunch of releases in the pipe-line for various labels so keep an eye out for this new project.

Selected Track: Turboliv

Profiles: Soundcloud

Xiu (TSM0004)



Oksana Rodionova (Xiu) is a contemporary Estonian electronic musician and singer based in Italy (Milan). Her creative musical trajectory began a handful of years ago (notably thanks to many live stage acts). After a long training period through the standards of classical music (piano instrumental virtuosity, traditional vocal practices and live performances) and involvement in various musical ensembles, she progressively took an interest to innovative-multi-directional electronic instrumentation, also dealing with unconventional vocal techniques. At a first step, she essentially took her inspiration from the most synthy-80s inflected facet of electronic music: from cold waving / electro-pop realms (Kraftwerk, New Order et al), propulsive minimal synth standards (Linear Movement, Martial Canterel) and early industrialist electronic assaults (Cris & Cosey). Rapidly she deals with her own musical creativity, approaching a world of sounds and ambiences which deliberately took their origins in a very personal, versatile and moody electro-pop orchestration. She uses her manual instrumental skills to introduce subtle melodious passages and colorful harmonies to the more conventional and automatic synth pop ambiences.

Selected Track: Possession

Profiles: Soundcloud


Clearvizzion is a musical project By Tony Teran recently Creator of experiments with Antidolby and Plastic Politic…In this new sequence a sounds full of different light waves to oscure disonances of electronica…

Selected Track: Slow Pulse

Profiles: Soundcloud


OLMS (TSM0004)



OLMS is a Metro-Detroit based Synth artist. born in 1995.The project OLMS takes its name from the Olm (or Proteus) Salamander.Olms originally made folk music, but he eventually got into home production and made music that was similar to early Fad Gadget. He later decided to make new wave music because of his love for it. Influences: Ministry, Seona Dancing, New Order, Bronski Beat, Depeche Mode, The frozen autumn, Xymox, Joy Division, Gang Of Four…

Selected Track: Share the same madness

Profiles: Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Faceboook.