Opale (TSM 0004)



Made up of Rocio Ortiz and Sophia Hamadi, (who previously released an EP as Playground, with the collaboration of Brian Pyle from Ensemble Economique) paris-based duo “Opale” composes synthetic melodies full of glowing coldness.
Their first track, “Les Champs Magnétiques” (Magnetic Fields), encourages reverie and draws you towards a cold and determined epic through an industrial, but dreamlike world.

Debut LP out in May 2013 limited to 300 vinyls

Selected track: Les Champs Magnetiques (Luminous Version)

Band Profiles: 
Opale: www.facebook.com/opalopaleopale

Produced by: 
Stellar Kinematics: www.stellarkinematics.com 
Heia Sun: www.heiasun.com