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Juan Harrison (Tkuz born December 27, 1986) is a Mexican producer, musician, currently in training. Began to make music Tkuz 2008, later in 2010 begins to shape your project. Tkuz mentioned that he has never had any formal training in Synthesizer. Some of his influences include Aphex Twin, David Carretta, Cute Heels, Equitant among others. Before devoting himself full time to Tkuz, had a training with a rock band.

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We have the pleasure to announce The Scrap Mag’s new project: our first Compilation. The reason why we decided to create it, is on the first place, to give support to the underground music scene. The Scrap Mag’s goal is not only to remain faithful to its philosophy of sharing its musical discoveries, but also to offer our music selection in two different formats: digital and physical. Moreover, especially in Barcelona and Spain, we would like to promote this musical scene, giving all these bands the opportunity to come to the city and share their music with us.

All the profits that The Scrap Mag will obtain from Bandcamp will be entirely for the artist. On the other hand, the profits that The Scrap Mag will receive from this first compilation, will be invested on the creation of future compilations. Just a tip, a part from the CD edition, in order to pay tribute to our vinyl collector’s passion, we will be creating future editions in this format.

You can get this first compilation in Bandcamp, Lostracks Records (Barcelona) or via email: If you want to order more than one copy via Bandcamp, please send us an email before buying.

We would like to give special thanks to all the artists that made this project come true. Also we want to underline the magnificent collaboration of Repli CD for its excellent CD production, to DDF Studio for the master edition, to Boyan Lazarov for his help, to Pablo Benito for the amazing artwork and to Lara Viñas for her PR and communication support to the  magazine since it came out. And last but not least, to Toni Baidez for his job becoming a part of the  new bands headhunter along with us.

Identity Theft


Identity Theft is the solo electronic music project of M. Buchanan AKA Djynnx Ogo (of Nommo Ogo, Seacrypt), created purely on hardware synthesizers and rhythm machines.

Profiles: Facebook, Soundcloud, Bandcamp