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Nic Hamersly

10/07/2012 — 8 Comments

In middle school he started recording music with whatever was lying around the house. Thankfully his father played music in the 70′s and 80′s so he had some stuff to full around with. He started out doing the whole punk thing, which is definitely still in his life, but boring as hell to play anymore. He eventually started getting into “stranger” groups. Throbbing gristle is what really did it. After listening to there records, he started getting into synths and drum machines. HE WILL NEVER GO BACK to anything else.

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Noir Deco

10/07/2012 — 387 Comments

Noir Deco captures the spirit of Miami and the dark underworld soundscapes of the past to create a synthesized world to be immersed in. The new album “Future to Fantasy”.

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Xander Harris

10/07/2012 — 2 Comments

Xander Harris began in the far reaches of 2009. A child left behind on the set of “Prince of Darkness”, Xander crawled from the backlot wreckage with a sequencer in one hand and a synth in the other ready to take over the dark dance floor. He trekked across the barren landscape of the southwest and decided to place his stasis machine in the warm goo-goo muck of Austin, TX. There, Xander learned of the powers of Chris Carter, Roland, Alesis, Korg, and on the 8th and 1/4 day, he called it good.

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Expect Delays

10/07/2012 — 1 Comment

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Expect Delays is an artist who tries not to fit into any music mould. With inspirations coming from all sides of the musical spectrum, he has found a home on the darker side of the rainbow. This is just a taste of more eerie workings to come.

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10/07/2012 — 11 Comments

Juan Harrison (Tkuz born December 27, 1986) is a Mexican producer, musician, currently in training. Began to make music Tkuz 2008, later in 2010 begins to shape your project. Tkuz mentioned that he has never had any formal training in Synthesizer. Some of his influences include Aphex Twin, David Carretta, Cute Heels, Equitant among others. Before devoting himself full time to Tkuz, had a training with a rock band.

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Tony Cops

10/07/2012 — 15 Comments

Someone left the Italo edit compilation I:Robots on his lab computer circa 2005 and he’s been an italo fan ever since. His music is mainly influenced by the original electronic disco records made around the world in the early 80s, some recorded just a few blocks away from his apartment in Little Italy, Montreal.

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The formatory apparatus is a solo project that was never intended to be spread or to be released. The songs are personal sketches of my emotions, daily life and attempts to defy the postmodernist emptyness of the current global social and cultural structures. No computers or midi-control is used in the making of this material. All songs are played live and arise pseudo-spontaneously by fucking around. None of the material can be reproduced. Songs are transferred from cassette to the computer. Just simple, fully analog, motorik-synth, minimal wave, hometaping, experiment music (or something).

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Nové Mu?ra

10/07/2012 — Leave a comment

There are two things that a lot of human beings are obsessed with: sex and death. Nové M?ra makes music that bridges these two obsessions. All your daydreams, all your longings, all the people you ever loved but didn’t love you back, all your anguish, all your joy, all your fear, all the beauty that is just out of reach… This is what Nové M?ra makes music about. Nové M?ra is from Los Angeles, California.

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