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Xiu (TSM0004)



Oksana Rodionova (Xiu) is a contemporary Estonian electronic musician and singer based in Italy (Milan). Her creative musical trajectory began a handful of years ago (notably thanks to many live stage acts). After a long training period through the standards of classical music (piano instrumental virtuosity, traditional vocal practices and live performances) and involvement in various musical ensembles, she progressively took an interest to innovative-multi-directional electronic instrumentation, also dealing with unconventional vocal techniques. At a first step, she essentially took her inspiration from the most synthy-80s inflected facet of electronic music: from cold waving / electro-pop realms (Kraftwerk, New Order et al), propulsive minimal synth standards (Linear Movement, Martial Canterel) and early industrialist electronic assaults (Cris & Cosey). Rapidly she deals with her own musical creativity, approaching a world of sounds and ambiences which deliberately took their origins in a very personal, versatile and moody electro-pop orchestration. She uses her manual instrumental skills to introduce subtle melodious passages and colorful harmonies to the more conventional and automatic synth pop ambiences.

Selected Track: Possession

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Clearvizzion is a musical project By Tony Teran recently Creator of experiments with Antidolby and Plastic Politic…In this new sequence a sounds full of different light waves to oscure disonances of electronica…

Selected Track: Slow Pulse

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OLMS (TSM0004)



OLMS is a Metro-Detroit based Synth artist. born in 1995.The project OLMS takes its name from the Olm (or Proteus) Salamander.Olms originally made folk music, but he eventually got into home production and made music that was similar to early Fad Gadget. He later decided to make new wave music because of his love for it. Influences: Ministry, Seona Dancing, New Order, Bronski Beat, Depeche Mode, The frozen autumn, Xymox, Joy Division, Gang Of Four…

Selected Track: Share the same madness

Profiles: Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Faceboook.

HoRD (TSM0004)


13- HoRD

HoRD is the solo project of Sébastien Bassin, who is putting down the instruments of his cold rock group LDLF to shift towards dark wave electro. A lab used as a place for creative freedom which will not set itself a clearly defined niche.
A constant work in-progress, Hord is adopting a darker approach for hypothetical fiction. The cinematic atmosphere of a soundtrack that could have been written by The Soft Moon

Selected Track: Heart

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Ariisk (TSM0004)



Although technically a band, ARIISK could be considered a stand-alone aesthetic, an experimentation in spacial visual-sonic assault. Drawing inspiration from prolific art-wave pioneers like early Cabaret Voltaire, Portion Control and Throbbing Gristle—along with the bleak futuristic vision of 70’s and 80’s dystopian sci-fi films, ARIISK’s sound perches uncomfortably on the border between industrial, avant-synth and outright experimental soundtrack music.

Selected Track: Le Pong

Profiles: Facebook, Soundcloud

7- VeilOfLight

Floating waves of synths combined with reverb drenched guitars waft through the streets like veils of shimmering light. Dark pounding drums roar from the distance like thunder in a misty autumn night. Held together by impulsive basses and echoing vocals.
Zurich based Gothgaze/Post-Punk project Veil Of Light emerged in late october 2012. It was created by M as a one-man-band and side-project to his New Wave band Twilight Empire. Written, performed and recorded all alone in a bunker at the border of Zurich, Switzerland. The music consists of dark scapes of early Post-Punk and Goth bands of the 80ies and haunting Shoegaze wall of sounds.

Selected Track:  Rivals Blood

Profiles: Soundcloud, Bandcamp

1- L'avenir

Jason Sloan is an electronic musician, composer, sound and new media artist working from Baltimore, Md. His work explores immateriality and its connection in memory, systems and the virtual world. Through his performances, sound installations, videos, transmission art works and sound recordings, he examines the need for transcendence beyond the body through a vehicle of visual and aural stimulation. With this dialog, Sloan feels an urgency to evoke a collective experience between the viewer, listener and artist that can bridge the gap between physical and non-physical worlds.

Selected Track: The day is over

Profiles: Soundcloud, Site, Site 2

Palisded (TSM0004)



Journey into a dimension of inescapable melodies with unforgettable soundscapes and elements of  an 80s touch. Palisded brings you the sounds of yesterday for you to listen today, female producer from the unknown Retrowonderland. Her first EP “A New Beginning” includes 8 original tracks now available for download on all your digital sites.

Selected Track: Perfect Strangers

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Moduretik (TSM0004)



One man behind synthesizers. Moduretik is an electronic music one man project living in Prague, Czech Republic. His name is Jan Jiskra and he making electronic music since 2001. Moduretik’s music can be described as synthwave, miminal synth, darkwave, ambient…

Selected Track: 29

Profiles: Soundcloud, Bandcamp

Sololust (TSM0004)


sololustSololust is a one man electronic project: singer, songwriter, midi hardware operator, composer and conceptual artist all in one. Sololust is experimenting with different ways of expression. His sounds are ranging from experimental to sweet drifting love songs and from dark synth electro to warm dreamy tunes.

Since 2010 Sololust is collaborating with the Enfant Terrible label which is releasing more and more of his tracks on vinyl

Selected track: Diano

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