Xiu (TSM0004)



Oksana Rodionova (Xiu) is a contemporary Estonian electronic musician and singer based in Italy (Milan). Her creative musical trajectory began a handful of years ago (notably thanks to many live stage acts). After a long training period through the standards of classical music (piano instrumental virtuosity, traditional vocal practices and live performances) and involvement in various musical ensembles, she progressively took an interest to innovative-multi-directional electronic instrumentation, also dealing with unconventional vocal techniques. At a first step, she essentially took her inspiration from the most synthy-80s inflected facet of electronic music: from cold waving / electro-pop realms (Kraftwerk, New Order et al), propulsive minimal synth standards (Linear Movement, Martial Canterel) and early industrialist electronic assaults (Cris & Cosey). Rapidly she deals with her own musical creativity, approaching a world of sounds and ambiences which deliberately took their origins in a very personal, versatile and moody electro-pop orchestration. She uses her manual instrumental skills to introduce subtle melodious passages and colorful harmonies to the more conventional and automatic synth pop ambiences.

Selected Track: Possession

Profiles: Soundcloud