He gives her the choice between him or her rescued dogs, but she had no choice and is left without a husband

When you decide to have pets, you should know that they will be essential parts of your life.

For one woman called Liz Haslam, that is the deal. She and her husband used a half-acre plot of land in Barnham, Suffolk, to house the bull terriers they rescue.

Her organization, Beds for Bullies, takes dogs that have behavioral problems or are abandoned. It can house up to 30 dogs at once.

Liz spends almost eighty hours every day taking care of the dogs as they need attention and affection. She also spends money to get them back into shape and takes them for walks.

Mike, the husband, claimed he was fed up with the situation because his wife did not give him the attention he required. So he told her she had to choose between him and the dogs!

Liz did not hesitate with her decision and chose the dogs directly! She claimed that if she abandoned the dogs, no one would look after them!

Liz added that she never expected her husband to ask her such a question because they had been married for almost 25 years and he knew she would never leave the dogs!

She said that her ex-husband did not have contact with her since that day despite having a son in his twenties! What are your thoughts?

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