Leonardo DiCaprio Dove Into Icy Waters To Save Two Of His Rescue Dogs

 In a recent segment on Entertainment Weekly’s Around the Table, actor Leonardo DiCaprio proved that he’s a hero not only in the movies, but also in real life. While filming Don’t Look Up in and around Boston, DiCaprio brought two of his dogs to the set for a day. The two rescued huskies are full of energy, so it didn’t take long for them to get into trouble.

According to DiCaprio and co-star Jennifer Lawrence, the huskies fell into the ice-cold water and almost drowned. But DiCaprio wasn’t about to let his furry friends suffer. Without hesitation, he faced the freezing temperatures to save their lives.

Dogs cause trouble on the set

DiCaprio and his girlfriend Camila Morrone share three huskies. The two he brought to the shoot are Jack and Jill, whom the couple adopted in 2020 after taking them into foster care. Being used to living in Southern California, the pups had never seen a frozen lake. They got a little too curious and fell in.

According to Lawrence, one dog jumped in first, which DiCaprio quickly followed. Then, as DiCaprio pushed one dog out of the icy water, the other jumped in. The pups didn’t seem to learn from their mistakes.

“The other one started licking the one that drowned, and then we were all in the frozen lake together,” DiCaprio said.

Dog dad to the rescue

After some struggle and determination, DiCaprio was able to get his two dogs to safety. They had no complaints after the incident, although they were probably freezing just like their dad. However, the extreme temperatures were worth it to save the lives of his furry friends. Although it was a serious situation, DiCaprio and Lawrence tried to make light of it in the interview.

“I’m sure you’re all wondering, I was wondering too, that he took his clothes off right away in the car,” Lawrence joked.

This is not the first time DiCaprio has played the role of a hero in real life. In 2019, he rescued a man who fell off a yacht and almost drowned. Perhaps his water rescue skills come from his famous role in Titanic.

Although it is amazing that DiCaprio saved his dogs, authorities strongly advise calling for help instead of jumping into the freezing water. Freezing water can affect physical and mental abilities in seconds. DiCaprio is fortunate that he and his dogs are now safe. Like all faithful dog parents, DiCaprio didn’t have time to think when his dogs were in danger. All he knew was that he wanted them to be okay.

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