A grandfather brought his dog to suppress with tears in his eyes because he had no money for treatment

 Although it is often said that money cannot buy happiness, it often does. When the doctors told a poor elderly man that he could not afford to treat his dog, he knew he was in over his head. 

An old man and a mixed breed dog joined the veterinarian in the exam room. The visitor kept to himself, absent-mindedly petting his dog and sobbing quietly when all three were together. 

The only sound in the office was the man’s bitter sighs as he sobbed quietly, having to say goodbye to his friend. 

Veterinarian Andrei Alex Androvich experienced the reaction of his clients more than once when they had to put their dogs to sleep, although he had no experience. 

The doctor had compassion for his patients’ feelings, knowing that people who lose a pet also lose a friend. However, he felt that this was a special case. 

The doctor recalled that three days ago he had seen a man and his dog for the first time. The man was old and quiet; his nine-year-old dog Naida had been in bed for days. 

The dog’s behavior worried the man so much that he had to take him to the vet immediately. The man told the veterinarian during the conversation that Nada. 

It was determined that the dog had a life-threatening infection that needed immediate treatment, but the necessary medications and surgeries were prohibitively expensive for the pet owner. The dog was not treated when. 

The disease would quickly spread throughout the animal’s body and eventually cause a gruesome death. The doctor offered the man two options to relieve the dog’s pain and suffering: Treatment or killing. Andrei made his offer extremely gruffly, without considering the possible reactions of the guest. 

After hearing the doctor’s conclusion, he put two crumpled bills on the table, took the dog in his hands with trembling hands and left. 

Three days later, the man and his friend showed up at the entrance of the clinic, “I’m sorry, I could only come up with the money to put her to sleep so she wouldn’t suffer.” 

The man, who was already present, asked to speak with his friend for a few minutes. Andre Al Alexandrovich vividly saw the injustice of the world in the pain of the separating couple. 

Those who have a lot of money do not always respect the value of life, be it that of another person or an animal. These priceless emotions shared by the elderly man and his dog forced them to separate, but it was not that they did not try. 

The doctor couldn’t hold back his emotions and reached out to the man, “I will cure Naida, without money, I will help at my own expense.” Naida is not old yet, she has many years ahead of her to be with you. 

The elderly man cried softly. 

The NDA was able to complete the entire process in just seven days. Thanks to the drip and excellent medical care, she recovered quickly. The vet was very pleased with his results. 

He may not have done the greatest good deed, but he gave the old man and his dog confidence in humanity and optimism for the future.

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