Sweetest Homeless pregnant pittie won’t stop hugging her rescuer after she’s saved

Jacks Anderson and his wife decided to stop for lunch, when the man noticed a stare in his direction, it was a sweet large black pit bull named Poppy. The homeless dog stood beneath the counter stools on the sidewalk, watching them eat.

The couple saw the homeless dog again on their way home after lunch. They both noticed the dog’s large pregnant belly this time and knew they had to help her in some way.

Jacks told The Dodo : “She never took her eyes off us, but she never approached us or asked for food. The stall owners jumped out and chased her down the sidewalk. She had obviously fled because she was terrified ».

Jacks and his wife worked hard to gain the nervous homeless dog’s trust and eventually convinced her to get some food from their hands. They decided to put her in the car at that point.

The man tells: “My wife took the leftovers and I walked over to her to drop them off. She was very nervous, but we were able to see some of the scars that she has on her, so I understood why she didn’t want to take any chances.”

Lovable Poppy was thankful to finally be somewhere safe and comfortable after her time on the streets.

Jacks remembers: “We just paused at that point to allow Poppy to calm down a bit, but honestly, she was a lot calmer than I expected. When I started recording the video of my wife comforting her, I noticed that Poppy was crying. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in a dog, and it definitely had an impact.”

The man and his wife took Poppy to the vet, where she was treated for fleas and parasites. Poppy, thankfully, was in good health and was able to return home to her new family.

Jacks dice: “Poppy spent her first days with us one by one. She slept most of the time and acclimated to the couch pretty quickly. In the last day or two, she became much more active, she showed interest in the other dogs and followed me instead of sleeping.

When the couple met Poppy, they thought they would just adopt her, but since Poppy came into their home, she has become an important part of their family. The dog gets along with the couple’s other two rescued dogs, Nacho and Frida, and she appears to have completed the family.

Poppy’s puppies, for their part, will stay with the family until they are old enough to be put for adoption and find loving homes of their own.

Finally, Jacks stated, “Poppy will stay with us.” We are constantly learning more about her and developing trust with her. I don’t want to put her through it again with someone else. She has earned a smoother path ».

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