Man Built A Restaurant For Homeless Dogs That Is Open 24 Hours

 He has always fed his local dogs, but he wanted to help more animals, and disgusted by the abuse that many of these dogs suffer, he had a beautiful idea. He built a restaurant he called “Zero Hunger” for the dogs that need it most.

João de Souza Araújo is a 29-year-old man who always put water and food under a tree in front of his house. He thought this wasn’t enough; he wanted to help more animals, and disgusted by the abuse that many of these dogs face, he had a brilliant idea and built a restaurant called “Zero Hunger” for the dogs who love him the most. The restaurant consists of a roof to protect the food from the sun and rain, food containers, a special water supply, and a night lighting system.

A long time ago João took care of the homeless dogs in the area where he lives, leaving pots of water and food in front of his house. The area appears to be more organized, easier to fill, and more comfortable for the animals; the dogs will now have food and water available 24 hours a day.

Built a 24-hour restaurant for homeless dogs

João says he doesn’t know how many animals can benefit from the restaurant.

“It’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with food and water for any passing dogs.”

For now, João has financed the feeding of these animals and has the help of his mother to bring food daily. The drinker uses a system that holds 20 liters of water, and the container is refilled whenever it is empty.

João said “Hunger is the same, for the human as for the dog. The difference is that people can ask, they can’t.”

The desire to take care of animals became even more intense after the dog in her house was diagnosed with cancer.

João said “We have to give him medicine and take care of him a lot. He has a wound on his nose that will not heal completely, but it will heal with medicine ».

Joo is relieved that the dogs will have access to food and water throughout the day.

“They were always very smart. When I was there at home they knew the correct time, whenever they came to order food it was late. It will now be all the time, and they will not miss any ».

He still doesn’t know how much food is needed to supply the restaurant, but the satisfaction of the first ‘customers’ is enough for the effort that João has made.

Many people celebrated the great idea and expressed their intention to donate food for the project.

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