Heavily Pregnant Dog Can’t Leave The Place Where She Lost Her Mom

There are stray dogs that come and go in the streets and alleys. These stray dogs may have lost themselves, or they may not have a happy home, or the children born of stray dogs continue to become stray dogs. Maybe the life of stray dogs is miserable in our opinion, but they will find their own “happiness”.

Stray dogs who have not experienced living with people, that is, dogs who have lived a stray life with their mother dog since birth, usually do not think that their life is bad, but only think that the company of their mother is happiness.

Just like this dog, it has been living on the street from the moment it was born, I can’t say it is a stray dog, because it has its own mother and family, but the difference is its living environment Different

The dog’s name is “Pochi”. Pochi has been accompanied by her mother dog since she was born. When she was a child, she drank milk, then her mother found food for him, and then she followed her mother to learn to be self-sufficient. They were all accompanied by their mother.

Pochi lived happily with her mother for 4 years. However, after four years, such a good time came to an abrupt end. Pochi went out with her mother that day to find something to eat. She witnessed the most memorable image of her life. Some people took Pochi’s mother away.

Pochi was very frightened at the time. It hid in the corner from afar and saw her mother taken away with her own eyes. She cried sadly at the time, and she didn’t stop until those people took her mother away from him.

It sat in the middle of the road and watched from a distance where her mother left. Pochi’s eyes were filled with tears at this point, which fell involuntarily. Pochi was a true “stray dog” from that point forward.

Since that day, Pochi will appear every day at the place where her mother had an accident, and then watch it from a distance, as if recalling the scene where her mother left. She can’t stop crying whenever he recalls the scene he witnessed.

Pochi has spent every day since that day in grief; and since that day, Pochi will run away immediately when she sees someone, and it always hides in a place where no one is present.

It is said that time can erase all sadness, and Pochi gradually came out of sadness and began to live alone. Pochi later became pregnant, and she was going to be a mother herself, as well as having her own little family.

On the day of Pochi’s delivery, unfortunately, a difficult birth occurred. When a passing lady noticed Pochi’s inability to give birth, she took the initiative to assist her.

With the help of the veterinarian, although Pochi gave birth to all the children, unfortunately only one child survived, and the surviving puppy was rescued by the veterinarian’s first aid.

It’s hard to imagine that if Pochi gave birth to a child alone in the wild, not only is it very likely that none of the children will survive, but she may also be in danger.

The veterinarian took out the furry children who were too late to meet the world, and Pochi could only watch his children leave it silently. This was the second sadness it experienced, but at this time it was already crying. Not coming out.

Because after the first time her mother left her, Pochi knew how important mother’s love is to a child. she still remembered that she had a puppy, she wanted to take care of the puppy, and she wanted to give the puppy like her mother gave her. The kind of motherly love, so it cheered up.

Then the veterinarian put the only surviving puppy next to Pochi, who immediately groomed the puppy, and the puppy began to gulp milk.

Now that Pochi has a new owner, she has experienced 4 years of wandering life, both happy and sad. In any case, Pochi finally lived a happy life.

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