Dog was abandoned 5 times for ignoring, they did not know he was deaf

The first seven months of little Ivor’s life were full of confusion. The poor puppy was shipped around a number of dog shelters and had five different owners in just one year.

Every time he begun settle in somewhere , would be cast out there was no family wanted the dog . Lvor had once again entered the RSPCAs system. 

For sheltering animals for the fifth time, he had lost his family. Everyone who had owned Ivor said he was a loud dog who wouldn’t stop parking. 

Soon the shelter decided to investigate more directly , why nobody wants lvor, the reason is truly heartbroken.

Several families had decided to pass on Ivor, the dog spent much of his time in sghelters. After the fifth time of being retuned again by a family who couldn’t understand why the dog behaved so strangely. It is not easy for a breeder with several puppies to notice if any of them is deaf.

The volunteer at Ivor dog’s shelter tested his hearing, the realized why Ivor have a problem to fitting in a normal home. Non of the previous owners had known Ivor was deaf.

Ivor began to learn sign language to communicate with pup. Ivor learned quickly himself. The volunteers first taught him to come close by making him touch the palm of their outstretched hand, then they introduce him to other basic commands. 

Shortly afterward Ivor put up again for adoption, there he met the girl who would eventually become his loving owner. There was an instant communication between the two. She took Ivor ever home and adopted him.

The Girl was keen to push his education further. She wanted to help Ivor to discover everything he had missed out in the other homes. Ivor watch everything and knows when people are trying to speak with him.

Living with a deaf dog can pose problmes you wouldn’s normaly have with dog, but the girl has all the tools necessary to take care of Ivor.

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