An Adorable German Shepherd Dog Raises Two Lion Cubs After Their New Mother tried to kill them

 Sandra, a sweet German shepherd dog, took in two beautiful lion pups after their mother abandoned them. First-time mother Sirona gave birth to the kitties, but staff members at the White Lion Park in Vladivostok were worried that the lioness wasn’t happy with her two cubs and wasn’t caring for them correctly.

It was clear that the two cubs were hungry and dehydrated while in the care of the animal, who was described by staff as being quite shy and withdrawn. To keep this scenario from becoming dangerous, the staff agreed to give Sandra the children.

The director of the wildlife park, Viktor Agafonov, remarked that Sirona’s actions were abnormal and that she appeared to lash out at them.

To the Daily Mail, Viktor elucidated: “The mother lion is acting in an unusual manner. She’s nipping at their heels. One dog appears to have a minor wound. This is truly extraordinary.”

Fortunately, Sandra welcomed the two little children without hesitation and promptly adopted them into her family. Sandra was thrilled to step in as a foster mom and expand her family, despite her usual dislike of cats.

Despite the fact that she had given birth to a puppy, the lovely little dog continued to care after the other two puppies.

Victor remarked: “It’s remarkable that this dog dislikes cats yet opted to take the baby African lions into her family despite this. She has a smaller cub in comparison to lion cubs. However, the dog has enough milk because she has previously nursed eight puppies.”

The 8-year-old foster mother received accolades from the park’s director for carrying out this crucial task and embracing the infants.

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